Can I just say, it’s hard to feel beautiful when your back feels like an 60-year old’s! I’m always hunched in front of the laptop so my neck and upper back sometimes feel stiff. Last week, the stiffness has evolved into a dull ache. It’s not really that painful but I can feel the muscles all knotted up!

Then I remembered that I just got the Zenutrients All is Well Salve (P88/20g and P225/50g) in a press kit. I blogged about some of my fave Zenutrients stuff before, and I really liked the Ginger Rx for muscle aches. Perhaps this salve can do the same, or even better?

It did! I rubbed some of the salve on my neck/upper back and sure enough, the muscles felt less tight and achy after an hour. I couldn’t believe it. Maybe I’m giving it a placebo effect? I tried it again the next day and I got the same positive results. Placebo effect or not, it helped my back feel better! I’m not going to argue!

This salve smells a lot like Vicks Vapor Rub, but less offensive and oily. The smell doesn’t stay on as agressively as Vicks does. It feels minty on the skin but the feeling is gone after half an hour or so. The salve also doesn’t linger and feel sticky at all, since it’s kinda gel-like.

I do wish that the full ingredients are stated on the label. It only says green tea, eucalyptus, and mint. But what else is there? I would like to know the full ingredients; I’m not entirely comfortable not knowing. If something promises that it’s “guaranteed natural and organic” I think that the burden of proof weighs heavier on the brand.

Nevertheless, I like the Zenutrients All is Well Salve and will continue to use it. It works on my back plus I think I can use this when I have coughs and colds, too. ^_^ Try it out some time!


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DATE: May 28, 2018
AUTHOR: Zenutrients