Hands & Feet



    Cooling Leg Gel

    Ladies who wear high heels or remain standing for extended periods run the risks of developing multiple varicose veins formation. Applying Zenutrients Cooling Leg Gel and making it a nightly habit is a lady's best defense against such condition.

    To use, one lies on her back and raises her legs and rest it against the wall comfortably then she smoothers both legs from sole to upper thigh back, massage lightly. Note that varicose veins are near irreversible conditions often requiring invasive and expensive procedures.

    100 ml - PhP 208.00



Cracked Heel Cream

Treat cracked, rough heels with this seriously rich moisture salve, filled with Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter & Tea Tree Extract to hydrate and smooth. Skin feels softer with every use.

To Use:  Massage onto heels & feet as needed, best after washing feet

50 grams - PhP 208.00



    Foot Blush Crystals

    Make your foot spa extra special! Epsom salts laced with fragrant essential oils and Annatto seeds is an exotic and potent detoxifier. The salt crystals causes toxins to flow out of your soles, while Annatto has natural iron and minerals that soothe nerves, giving a pleasant stimulating sensation.

    100 grams - PhP 195.00



    Cocomint Foot Lotion

    Cocomint foot lotion is a cooling and moisturizing foot cream that when massaged into the feet nightly, not only will you have soft and beautiful feet the next day, you'll also find that you actually enjoyed a surprisingly restful night of sleep.

    50 grams - PhP 195.00


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