Facial Treatments



    Tea Tree Hydrogel

    Treats pimples and acne. Contains natural Tea Tree extract in hypo-allergenic hydro gel.

    20 ml - PhP 260.00


    Blemish-Free Oil

    Just a drop once or twice a day and blemishes from whatever cause will eventually disappear.

    30 ml - PhP 260.00


    Soothing Eye Cream

    This contains botanical enzymes that safely works underneath skin layer of eyes. Hence, retention of hemoglobin which causes darkening around the eyes is prevented. It also helps to relax delicate eyelid muscles and elasticizes the skin cover to avoid sagging and wrinkle formations.

    15 gm - PhP 312.00


    Anti-Aging Night Cream

    Contains the regenerative power of Jojoba oil, a botanical ingredient noted for its healing, therapeutic, and beautifying properties without known adverse reaction even among those with hypersensitive skin.

    30 gm - PhP 260.00


    Moringga Anti-Acne Cream

    Apply using sterile cotton bud or applicator to dry acne and prevent eruptions.

    20 gm - PhP 196.00


    Gingerol Cream

    Contains Gingerol and other active bio-chemicals from ginger clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and line formation. It also has seaweed extract and VCO to help skin elasticity and tightens while turmeric is added for its anti-microbial properties.

    50 gm - PhP 208.00


    Lip Balm

    Protect lips against cracking, dryness and dullness.

    Variants: Cherrymint and Peppermint

    5 gm - PhP 92.00


    Lip Butter

    Contains Shea Nut Butter, Cocoa Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil and Sunflower Oil - all natural ingredients that penetrate lip skin and infuses nutritive biochemical properties into the lips.

    15 gm - PhP 156.00


    Lip Scrub

    Contains exfoliating beads to help remove layers of accumulated dried up saliva, even embedded food particles and smoke residue. Use regularly for beautiful, soft and kissable lips! 

    15 gm - PhP 234.00

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